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Bio Willem Martinot | Freelance videographer

and founder/owner of Limestone Pictures.

I was born on July 28th 1965 in Rotterdam. My father owned several advertising agencies so I was already at the set of a commercial shooting when I was very young. However, I wanted to become a musician. This did not work out so I started working after high school.

Years later I discovered film making.

About 17 years ago I was introduced by a friend to online editing for television (3 machines) and immediately fell in love with this kind of work. I soon learned about digital editing and started making commercials for local stations as a professional editor.

After a few years I started filming (Digital Betacam) and really liked being able to edit what I shot myself. Aside from making coporate videos, I built a small tv-studio where me and my team created programs for RTL and SBS (homeshopping).

A few years later I sold my studio because I missed being on the road. At that time the Canon 5D was introduced and I knew this was my kind of camera. I still use this kind of camera a lot, but often I rent C300 or RED if projects require a higher resolution. Concept development and directing has become more and more part of my work, also because I am experienced in the whole process and like to be creative in different kind of fields.

The last few years my own uncommisioned work has inspired me and fortunately also my clients. Sometimes you have to push yourself first.

I really like collaborating with experienced freelancers to create a project that makes our clients happy.

This can be a small business promo or bigger corporate video, like a  brand movie.

My regular clients and friends are: North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam, Douwe Egberts, Olvi's Lace, Hotelschool The Hague and many more.


I live in Scheveningen, The Hague, a 5 minutes walk from the sea and enjoy my work and life.

Freelance videographer Willem Martinot
Freelance videographer Willem Martinot

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